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Finally An Ice Cream That Matches My Soul!

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Come to the dark side, we have ice cream! Whole black ice cream is an extraordinary and not a thin you would see every day. It is amazing how the cone is black too! It has that ultimate Gothic look. It is the latest trend in “food gone viral”.

But how can this be made? Basically, this is ice cream mixed with charcoal. Don’t worry, it is not unhealthy or anything. Activated charcoal is that thing you use when you have stomach problems. It is tasteless, rather here for that strong black color. Hmm, I wonder if your tongue is going to be black after enjoying this ice cream?

What do you think about this popular dessert? Have you tried it before, and how was the taste? Would you try it some day?


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Written by Kristina


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  1. That looks different and cool! Charcoal should be something good, right? Does it taste good too? I have eaten black ice cream before, which is black sesame, though it’s not as black as this. 😀

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