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Icy Weather & Ice Cream

We had very cold temperatures this morning. A few tiny snowflakes are falling. Ice was in the bird bath actually just now. Funny on these cold days, I like to eat ice cream. I know it sounds crazy. Dustin never could understand it either. But I enjoy it.

I might fix a bowl later of vanilla bean and chocolate syrup. A cold treat on a cold day.

Wishing you all a good day. Stay warm and careful if the weather is stormy in your world.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Everyone has their own eating habits. I only like to eat ice cream in the summer because it is warm outside and want something cold going down me. I cannot eat it in winter because it is cold outside and inside till I put a heater or radiator on to warm us up.

  2. This is no wonder to me …. I always have ice cream in the freezer and I eat it when it fits, but it may also be -20 degrees …. with us it’s just a fixed idea to eat ice cream only in the summer …. you what you eat and enjoy, dear Carol