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Dashboard Updated

I noticed just now my dashboard has been updated. Yes! Maybe we will get payment soon. I only look at the dashboard every few days as it stays zero’s all month long. Which is very frustrating to say the least. We stay in the dark until the end of the month. 

Come on Virily, you can do better! I know you can. I have confidence that we will eventually see our earnings daily.

Hoping for payment soon. Today will be a good day. It has been Eeyore approved.

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Written by Carol DM

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      • I don’t know what are you talking about Carol… There is a daily update since yesterday like I said… You would see it too if you were following the changes on your dashboard since yesterday too. Like I said, I wrote everything in my pending article…!

          • One more time, the dashboard was updatedyesterday in all its sections, on Midnight it was updated for the new day AGAIN…! Were you looking at your dashboard today and following the changes on it since yesterday or talking without looking…?

          • This is also the change I’ve been expecting for the reasons I wrote in my recent articles about the changes I mentioned like 5 times till now… And writing again about this one too in the new one that is in Pending…

          • + when it was updating at the end of the previous months it wasn’t updated in all the sections but only in 1 or 2 of them, now it is updated in all of them, and updated one more time since yesterday (the first update)…

          • That “somebody” is tracking the dashboard every day…..!!! You would know everything of these “special information” I said here if you tracked it too…!!! Sorry if I’m simply too smart for you “average” users…..

          • ………. like I said MULTIPLE TIMES in this article but NO ONE IS READING and then saying such bull like this one here…..! If you don’t read or understand the explanations you can’t claim such (bull) things…!!!

          • …It is also not hard to Understand things if you are watching them Every Day……. Do not blame me for not doing so and then knowing nothing……..!

            Seems that Sharon is “not” an average user too since she noticed the same as me…….. (I’m ironic here, OF COURSE!)

  1. The last time I checked, my dashboard was updated on February. I used to check till I gave up. Hoping to earn for the first time this month. Although I know dashboard can be update automatically without the need of technicians to update manually. It’s exhaustive.

  2. Thanks to you and Eeyore for the update. No time to chat or comment too much. I have to go and check my dashboard but I will say this: Virily should and I am pretty sure are able to update our dashboard every day…

  3. I noticed too and some other things when it comes to that so I’m too preparing an article about it, heheeh…! πŸ˜‰ You verified users are lucky and have some advantages being that so you can publish articles whenever you want and publish some info before us other regular members… ;/| Now when I publish it it will be like the belated info, heheheh :/|

  4. Thanks for telling us. I wouldn’t have checked otherwise.
    Earnings are a riddle here. πŸ™„
    It really shows I’ve been more active lately. How long does it take to receive a payment once the total unpaid earnings are above $10? It’s going to be my first payment ever.
    I’m kind of excited. πŸ˜ƒ

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