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Dashboard Finally Updated

I remember awhile back when the payments were cut way back, I posted about perhaps we would receive quarterly payments. 

You can read it here…

Quarterly Payments

After seeing my dashboard earlier today, after three months, maybe I was more correct than I first thought.

I hope others also saw some good news, after only three moths of waiting. 

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. the good news is that this month the rate paid for Virily’s is way up. So the end game out of this might in fact be getting paid every other month.

    with the higher viril rate it is possible to earn using the model we’ve been building!

  2. That is really good news. I wonder what happened. I will have to check mine to see if it moved too. So, are we getting quarterly payments or waiting till we get about 11,000 points. Is that correct? I just do not know how it works to get paid here.

    • Not sure yet. That is for three months. Pennies a say, sometimes less. Not really worth the time I spend. No idea on your questions. It is all a guessing game here. Nobody knows any more, except you have to have at least $10. to get paid.

  3. Perhaps an annual payment would be more fitting in my case! I last got paid in February and it had been generally about every 3 months I got a payout for a couple of years. But during March, April and May I have earned a grand total of… 69 cents 😀 My June figure has not been updated, but I think that’s normal.


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