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Quiz 2 Croatia in the Late Middle and Early Modern Times

The early new century in Croatia begins in 1526. A fateful battle took place that year in Mohacko Polje, in which the Croats lost....

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Croatia in the Late Middle and Early Modern Times Quiz 1

In the late Middle Ages, from the 12th to the 16th centuries, Croatia was part of the Hungarian-Croatian Kingdom. Two states attached to the...

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Do you go skiing?

Skiing is a type of snow sport. It is only active during the winter and while there is snow. Many states do not have...

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Will Huawei sue Trump?

After all that noise about bans, penalties, blockages, what did we get? Nothing. In stores in my country we can find everything normal like...

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Do you like Aloe Vera?

There are many very healthy plants on this beautiful planet, but sadly people destroy it more and more often on many different ways. Aloe...

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