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Do you work from home now?

Many people lost their jobs and some were sent to work from home. The internet and computers make it possible for us. Some managed,...

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What do you think now about 5G?

Many people were against 5G tech even if it brings us better Internet speed. Because of corona virus many people start working from home,...

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Quiz 2 Croatia in the Late Middle and Early Modern Times

The early new century in Croatia begins in 1526. A fateful battle took place that year in Mohacko Polje, in which the Croats lost....

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Croatia in the Late Middle and Early Modern Times Quiz 1

In the late Middle Ages, from the 12th to the 16th centuries, Croatia was part of the Hungarian-Croatian Kingdom. Two states attached to the...

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Do you go skiing?

Skiing is a type of snow sport. It is only active during the winter and while there is snow. Many states do not have...

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