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Quarterly Payments Perhaps?

My dashboard was just updated. Two months now with no payment. Expected, not a shock. 

Looks like maybe we will get quarterly payments at Virily for now.

Oh well, it is what it is… right!

I keep trying to do my part for the community.

Eeyore says he is willing to help out too.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. When I joined in 2017, I was just looking for a site to host my quizzes, and payment didn’t enter into my decision. For that reason I don’t get exercised too much by the ups and downs of the virily value. But of course it’s always nice to get a few bucks every once in a while!

    • It is not all about the money for me either Norman. If that were so I would have been long gone. However I spend hours every day here, which that needs to change. That is my fault. My time is more valuable to me than this. Thanks for your comment. Take care!

  2. This should give you a good giggle. I don’t even remember where to go to find the dashboard! I am going to assume that if we work together and keep things upbeat and headed in the right direction we will be rewarded with friendship, learning and perhaps a few pennies or two. Times are tough for everyone.


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