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Dashboard is Updated

Noticed this morning my Dashboard has been updated. That means payday is coming soon. I like to share with others due to many asking about earnings here. 

For whatever reason, the site waits until a day or so before we get paid to post our monthly earnings. The rest of the month we see zero’s.

Hopefully we will get the email soon about funds hitting our account. Thanks to all of you who take the time to read and comment on my posts. Have a wonderful day!

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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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      • Thanks Carol. Yes, I have emailed that address, and others, also sent a PM to the Virily Editor. I did eventually hear back from them yesterday, to say they are looking into it, no estimate of how long that is likely to take to sort out though. Very irritating. I am hoping that I will get both April and May updates by the end of this month. It’s very demoralising having to wait this long though. Once I get my long-delayed payment, I am probably going to leave, had enough, to be honest.

          • Thank you tasartcraft. It has updated for April now, not as much as I expected sadly. Hopefully by the time it updates at the end of May, I will have enough to cash out.

        • You are welcome Maggie. Just so you know, I never get responses either, but had to share. 🙂 I understand but will be very sorry to see you go. Can you please message me a way to keep in touch perhaps?

          • Awww thank you Carol! I will definitely give you a way to keep in touch if I leave. I will wait and see once I get my payment anyway. I may just stop posting here and leave my account open to generate some passive income (it will be a very, very slow earner, but better than nothing!)

          • Thanks tasartcraft. My Dashboard has now updated up till the end of April but not yet for May. Have any of you received your May update yet? If I could just get my May earnings, I could probably cash out.

          • Sorry, don’t understand what you mean. If it has updated for the end of May, why do we get earnings in June? Please don’t say you already told me, because it doesn’t help. As I said before, I am not on here all the time, and so I forget how it works, my mind is occupied with other things. And this is not an easy website to use, by any stretch of the imagination. My Dashboard still hasn’t updated for May, only April. So when it updates, we find out how much we have earned, but can’t get the money till the following month, even if we have earned enough to cash out? OK. I will try to be patient then. It is just that i have been waiting so long already, getting really fed up.

        • What I meant is yes, I already told you payments are always the next month. We had those very long and thorough conversations where I explained all so I thought it’s something you would remember. I explained how everything works in my latest posts about the dashboard and payments too. It’s not that hard to use. It is updated for April so all earnings till the end of April were paid at the end of May. But May was updated too in the Month to Date and now in the Last Month. In June you get what you earned till the end of May

          • Well, I haven’t received my May update yet. Please stop saying “I already told you” – it’s just making me feel stupid, and that I am being really irritating by asking. I can’t always remember these things off the top of my head! As I say, I have a lot of other things on my mind, so I need to refresh my memory when I come back here. If you find my questions annoying, just ignore them and let someone else answer them.

        • OK, I understand, but you also have to understand there are other people who I’m constantly explaining these things (that is why I wrote articles about it – not to repeat myself constantly) and we were exchanging very long comments where I was explaining these things thoroughly in several of such comments and you understood so I thought everything was already elaborated… I do want to help when I know the info but I just can’t repeat the same things constantly…

          May was updated in the Month to Date and This Month at the end of April and now only in the Last Month!

          • I think I will have to write to them again, as my Dashboard has finally updated for April, but not for May yet, whereas it appears that it has for other users here.

        • I’m not sure we understand each other about this update… If April was updated at the end of May then May was probably too BUT when I say May was updated I mean the sections as Month to Date which now became the Last Month since it’s June now… You can see your May earnings only in the Last Month section now…

          • I am pretty sure my Dashboard hasn’t been updated for May. It is not showing in the Payments list where they give the months at the side , on the left. But April is showing there. I just tried to take a screenshot to show you what i mean, but it didn’t work.

        • Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying…! It isn’t updated in that section where all the months on the left are shown (Balance) for anyone! – only for April, but you can still see your May earnings in the section Last Month, and you could see it in the Month to Date until the 1st of June…! Because when the dashboard updates at the end of each month it updates in all its sections, which means it shows the previous months earnings AND the current month’s earnings – Month to Date and This Month (Total = Unpaid + This Month) – that is where you see the current month’s earnings…! So the number you currently see in the Last Month section shows your May earnings…..!!!

          May will be added to the Balance at the end of this month, the same like April was at the end of May!

        • Month to Date is zero on mine too but it wasn’t when the dashboard updated while it was still May… Now that same number is in the Last Month… Unpaid is zero too on mine…

          I don’t know then… I know some people have different states on the dashboards sometimes – not the same things updated but it should be all updated well at the end of the month…

  1. Yes, my dashboard has been updated but I am still a few dollars short for a payment. But I am not only here for the pay but also for the articles, the pictures and the companionship of everybody out there. I just might me able to cash out next month…

    • April is missing in the Balance, so I think when they add it the payment will be at the same time (that is how it was the previous time) – the previous time they added it right the next day or later the same day I think but I don’t expect the payment to be today, it’s evening now there…

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