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The 365 Photos Challenge #85 – New Year's Eve

New Year's celebration is a festive event for us filipinos.  This year we prepared pansit top with shrimp, leche plan and bread.  The 12...

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The 365 Photos Challenge #84 – The Wrath of Tryphoon Tisoy

A week has passed since Typhoon Tisoy hit our province Camarines Sur.  A great chaos was created.  So much damage was brought about by...

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The 365 Photos Challenge #83 – Mazapan de Pili

Last night my partner brought these mazapan de pili as his gift for our 10th month of partnership. It is one of my favorite...

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The 365 Photos Challenge #81 – The Biggs Deal

Chicken and Macaroni Salad for my dinner with my love one as we celebrate our 10th month of togetherness. Both of us were thinking...

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The 365 Photos Challenge #80 – Fish Stew

Everytime I went home to my mother, she would serve me this fish stew.  Fresh fish caught on sea,  some camote tops,  tomato,  onion,...

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