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Communication from the Virily Admin, and a couple of issues for the Community

I got some communication from the Admin team, and I wanted to share that information.

  1. They are working on blocked users being able to comment on posts after they have been blocked. They will be fixing this asap, they say.
  2. They also commented/emailed that they are looking into the authors that have not been paid due to the September system issue. There are at least 9 of you that reached out to me, and I am happy to say they are working on it!

I have also noticed that right now, I do not have an apparent comment limit on my comments. I had 42 comments today and got credit for all of them. I will remind everyone that the reason there are rules around comments has to do with the overuse issue. I think a limit of author credit for comments on their own posts would add value to the site, at this point limiting credit for comments doesn’t solve the problem overall. I will add a poll question for you to express your thoughts on the issue of comments. My thinking is right now, if you have 30 comments on a post from other authors, then you shouldn’t need to have more than 30 comments of your own in that post. That would be hard to implement, but the problem with comments is that we’ve always had cheaters when it comes to them.

We have a 20 character minimum on comments due to the folks that used just to post Nice as their comment. I still report anyone that posts Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as their 20 character comment on my posts. That isn’t a real comment. I get frustrated as most of you do, with the commenters that don’t actually read the post. But that isn’t as bad as using punctuation to cheat the system. Please note this is wholly my opinion.

Finally, the last issue that seems to be larger than life right now. We have the right to edit our posts. I would say. Personally, that is producing an issue on the site, and we as authors need to be careful.

  1. Right now, editing your posts creates a false positive. What I mean by that is the post takes its previous comments and views, and in many cases, the post has enough views and comments from the past two years, that it actually pops right into the top comment and trending lists. That knocks another user off both those lists, so, for now, I am not editing my old posts.
  2. As part of the mover’s project, I’ve watched posts for 1-2 weeks and beyond. I do only watch certain posts of some authors to see how they do over a while. I know six authors could start editing their old posts, and no one would be on the most commented or the tending list until they had gone through all their old posts. Some authors have 40, 50, and even 60 old posts that are nearly impossible to have higher totals of views and comments. As I said, it creates a false positive.
  3. If you see a mistake in the first 22 hours of a post, editing it will not create a false positive at that point. It is only when you edit a post that is more than 24 hours old that you create this issue/concern/reality.

I know some authors are not going to edit their posts until the issue of the post carrying the information from the past forward is fixed. We are a community we need to work together on these things. We asked for editing to fix posts, not to create an issue for other authors! I know many authors who check the most commented and trending list first when they log into Virily. If you put your old post there, it isn’t fair to other writers who haven’t done that.

  • Question /

    Will you consider waiting to edit posts until the false positive issue is fixed?

    • no
  • Question /

    do you ever check the trending list and then read the posts you see there?

    • Yes
    • no
  • Question /

    do you ever click a post in the most commented just to see what people are talking about?

    • Yes
    • no
  • Question /

    Do you want edited posts to count as new posts when edited?

    • Yes
    • no
  • Question /

    Do you like the one for one comment rule?

    • Yes
    • no
  • Question /

    Or would you prefer the current limit (potential) on comments remain?

    • no
    • no
    • no
  • Question /

    have you been paid recently (if you have earned enough to get paid)?

    • Yes
    • no
  • Question /

    Views are down, overall, do you understand why that is bad?

    • Yes
    • no


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. On a different note, thought this might be the place to add it Doc.
    We are not getting virils for comments on posts, only on polls and quizzes.
    We get (or at least this is the case for me) one viril for viewing the post, nothing else for leaving a comment. Have you noticed this?

  2. Do you think we could try to “cooperate” a little about some Virily things… I don’t think all your ideas or thinking is bad but some I think are affecting us (our gain here) in a negative way, especially that it seems now all the limits will be reduced… That is why I think your ideas about reducing the number of comments and similar (I wasn’t reading all your articles and not all of them thoroughly) can affects us very negatively, ESPECIALLY that the Viril value was very low the previous time the Dashboard updated…..
    If you are making polls and send them to the admins and they do it like written there I can not see how it benefits us currently looking at what is currently going on with all these limits changes… Also, I hope you DO have in mind that polls are NOT QUITE ACCURATE when you think of all the users who:
    – didn’t see nor visited your post,
    – didn’t vote…

    • I don’t know where Virily is going this way and how we will be able to earn AT ALL with all these changes now when our earnings were already very SMALL and HARD TO ACHIVE before them……………….! It can only close…

  3. I need to skip question no 1 because my answer is yes.

    I hope they can fix the glitch on polls because it makes things difficult for the author.

    As per comment, I understand why the limit should be there to prevent somebody abuse it.

  4. I’d rather have the polls fixed than worrying about whose post is in trending, to be honest. Yesterday I had to correct a 3-question-3-answer poll more than 12 times (in drafts in case someone is worried about me editing my posts).
    I don’t see an issue with edited posts appearing in the latest, since this makes the post newer/improved/updated one way or another. In my opinion, some posts can be edited instead of adding new additional posts on the same topic, and in this case it’s good if the post appears in the latest. I don’t care about trending or most commented much either, but I am okay with edited posts NOT appearing there since this is upsetting for many users.
    You really are the chosen one! I wonder wouldn’t it be easier for admins to talk to us all at once, instead of replying the users who contact them individually, and creating room for misleading information.

    • what if I told you that posts in the most commented and trending categories on average gained 25 to 50 views?

      Just being on those two lists changes how many Virils a post earns?

      I don’t have a problem with edited posts that appears as new. I just want them to start at zero as if they are a new post.

      I can think of three authors that could the two lists (rending and comments) by editing some of their old posts. Albert has 20 or around that posts with more than 100 comments. There are many other authors that are not editing posts now because of the issue that has many more than 20 posts with more than 400 views and 100 comments.

      • This is up to admins to solve this. Let’s not bully users who edit their posts with an attempt to create better content, while we are celebrating new posts with not so great content. I have seen trending posts with a blurry image and two lines written in Google translate, and lots of supportive comments. And when we get the viril for visiting this new content, we don’t complain! But if someone fixes a broken post, people are upset.

        • First of all my pointing out the situation is not bullying.

          The reality of the posted limit has to do with all the “less” than spectacular posts we have on the site.

          The Admin team is rejecting more posts now than they ever have in the past.

          It is critical that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. It causes problems for other authors.

          Every time we get bad behavior on Virily the admins have to react. Isn’t it time we managed this ourselves? By stating an opinion is not bullying it is simply stating an opinion.

          The beauty of online is you don’t like my opinion you don’t have to read it.

          • Bullying may not be the best word, but there certainly is pressure. I am only commenting on the drama with the edited posts appearing in trending/most commented. I am honestly not familiar with all the other limitations, because I already feel overwhelmed with all the issues that exist or are being created.

            Also the moral control wasn’t there (I am not refering to you) when people were abusing the saving draft glitch, when people were sending all types of reactions including “wtf” when there were virils for reactions, when people were playing with the external views, or when I get a comment “nice picture” on a post that doesn’t have a single image, and so on. Again, I am not refering to you. I know that you have always had the best intentions to improve the site and have fair play. I still don’t agree that other authors are wronged by the people who fix their own broken posts. Both are wronged by the site. If more authors edit their posts, things will get relatively even. Also, polls show that most people don’t care about this or see it as a problem.

            Lastly, there’s no single edited post in trending, 5 are old posts with a ton of views, 5 are new posts. I have an edited post in most commented, the 4 comments I got are from people who lately comment all my posts, and no more than 10 views in 24 hours. I am pretty sure the other people who edited their posts have similar experience. So it’s unfair to imply that newer posts are damaged because of people who have edited posts, in my opinion.

            Lastly, there are posts talking about Virily’s problems in both trending and most commented, however they are not posts that could get many external views.

          • Also, I always value your opinion, but if a poll is meant to be presented to admins as users’ opinions, then opinions different than yours should be accepted too.

        • First, just to be clear there are users whose opinions are not accepted on my posts. The reason for that is that the users in question have demonstrated an unwillingness to consider me as a person.

          One of them attacked me on a social platform beyond Virily.
          I have the right as a person to reject differences.

          Your points are interesting, but where do you draw the line?

          1. Every single edited post by some users was on the trending list. That impacts other authors because their posts cannot be on that list. I honestly do not care anymore about this issue. I am done. People are going to do what they are going to do. I apply my ethics to myself. I raised the issue and frankly that’s all I can do.
          2. please note that the most commented and trending lists both have TIME LIMITS. That allows more users to be on those lists. Some users are actually editing posts that are two or three days old, they appear as new and right on the list. if you look today you will see that is the case in the trending list.
          3. you called my post bullying, I cannot tell you how much that hurt my feelings. If, my raising an issue is in fact pressure then please reconsider the pressure you have applied in this thread as well. Bullying is a word to be very careful with. It involves attacking a person not ideas.
          4. Finally, as the driver of the July efforts to get Virily improved, I present the polls without modification.

          • I just want to clarify that I don’t refer to your posts as bullying. I said “let’s not bully”. The issues you raise are valid, but they are already blown out of proportion (including by me commenting them all the time, I guess) and I saw too many personal attacks lately. Also, at least 4 people who are upset because they had to edit their posts and that raised a bad reaction in others.

            Polls show that most people don’t care about trending and most commented, and I think it’s a good thing. Edited, with artificial views, or because the person has a lot of supportive or negative comments – there are many ways for a post to become trending/most commented. If people cheat for virils, or do unnecessary changes to appear in trending and boost their ego, then that’s one thing. I prefer to assume that many people edit their old posts because a photo album without photos looks like crap. At least I know why I do it.

            I am also happy that the admins are working on stricter rules and higher standards. I support the idea of removing the false positive in edited posts completely, my only issue is that so much importance is put on superficial things like ranks or being on top. There’s no possible way that absolutely everyone will be satisfied though.

            Lastly, I know you for years already, and I think your moral standards are admirable, and I understand why you cover all these issues. I sincerely apologize if I offended you, because that was not my goal. Even though I express my opinion in your comment sections, I am not necessarily referring to you. Your comment section is just a big platform, and apparently an important one, because it is the only place for a dialogue with the admins.

        • Thank you for removing the concern I had about the phrase bully.

          I welcome, civil discourse such as what you are presenting to me.

          Let’s talk about the polls that have been asked, in fact they aren’t scientific at best. Most of them ask a part of the question.

          The reality is when asked in many different ways as I did in July on purpose, the results were different than what you’ve seen so far.

          1. Ask the following poll question – if someone edits a post, and it costs you 40 virils would you care? I think you will get a very different answer. Even if you edit a post that that appears on those lists right away, you are taking 40 views from somebody else because they don’t make that list.
          2. Do you want to edit posts that will come back every single time about 75% yes?

          The personal attacks do not bother me in the end. They have been going on for the past two years. I no longer pay attention – but now do you understand why I block users?

          • Glad we have that cleared!

            Personal attacks bother me, even if they are not towards me. I don’t care if people block each other if they feel the need to, but personal attacks, gossiping, insults, etc. make many of the users uncomfortable, and are a waste of time at least. Besides, I don’t think I have seen that many before.

            I know that polls are not a proof, especially since they are so buggy; I read the comments too and I don’t see people who personally feel wronged, or at least they don’t state it. I only see people who are worried because others may feel wronged. Anyway, people have the right to feel this way.
            I still don’t think that an edited post is directly preventing someone from making virils, but what you say is very important. People care when they see something as personal loss. When the site is being cheated, they don’t care because they see it as the site’s loss. Users who proved themselves to be cheaters in the past, had been pampered and celebrated by a big part of the community.

            I say let’s look at this from the positive side. If for us being in trending or most commented is so important, then we should create interesting content, engage in the comments, and promote the posts outside of virily too. Let this be motivational competition. 🙂

        • 🙂

          We have reached mutual acceptance.
          there is a lot of anger and frustration right now. Personally i don’t care when it is directed at me, it actually concerns me when it is directed at others.

          I have and do often publish content that is trending on the site, normally i do it 2-3 times a week if not more. Carol DM is the queen of trending, she has the most posts every on the lists.

        • I’ve seen several of your posts make the two lists!

          Here is why I don’t think editing is a good idea.

          If I edited this post right now, it would be number one in both comments and views for the next 24 hours.

          I have posts that dwarf this one!

          • I understand that, and I agree that admins should fix the false positive even if they meant it to be this way. If the majority of users feel this feature is bad, there should be compromise.

            However, I personally don’t find it as a threat even if you edit it. People still have preferences which authors they read here, and many stick to those they have already established a connection with. That’s why for me personal interactions are more important than ranks. I don’t think visitors come to you or Carol, for example, just because you are often in trending. You are in trending, because visitors come to you, because you create positive and interesting content, interact with other people, and have established deep connections with others. Maybe a few extra people will come to you because you are in trending at the moment, but this is a small drop compared to the people who would open your posts just because they are yours. 🙂

        • I don’t think you are in the group that uses the lists more than anything. But you have been around this site for longer than they have.

          I have data that shows an increase from being on the lists.
          I also have data that shows in the past month views are down, 33% or more.

          • I think that views are down because people are discouraged by the issues. That’s why I think the posts referring to these problem should be careful, otherwise there’s a wave of whining, and eventually people give up because they have misunderstood the size of the problems, or overestimated the severity of the situation.

        • I will just ask one question here…. Why no one of the users who are now complaining about the Most Commented list, which is not even a priority to some of the users when browsing posts, never complained when They Were and ARE all posting several posts a day (especially when it’s rubbish) – btw since being Verified being able to post Whenever and Whatever they want, and putting SO MANY POSTS OF OTHER UNVERIFIED USERS deep down in the Latest list, making Their “important” posts so important and popular that way and the other “not that important ones” not even reachable or At Least hard to reach……… I’m wondering why no one ever complained That and seeing negativity (and pointing fingers) only in Other Users, writing Posts about them (which IS actually bullying and against the Rules because such posts are Targeted directly towards Certain users and the “fair” Admins are not Even Reacting to that…!) in which comments of the people who are Defending themselves are reported and deleted………!! Where is the fairness in That, tell me………?! So now all those people mind what they did only in a little different way too, right………?

  5. I do not know what is going on with the comments but I receive Virilia for about 28 – 30 comments. I received my last earnings in September (September earnings disappeared, not recorded in the dashboard). It’s not okay for me to edit old posts, but it’s a member’s decision. I thought of editing posts differently. I will not edit old posts. I do not watch the trends or the most commented posts. I look at my notifications if I “miss” which member I find in the rankings so I can read his posts.

  6. I do not know the importance of editing and posting 2 year old posts …. I have already viewed and commented on them … and why should I again and I don’t get any Virily for that … if they have no idea for a new post then don’t they post … it seems totally pointless to me … that’s just my opinion

  7. Doc, the poll isn’t working correctly for me, so I am going to answer it here.
    Yes – because you can make one well thought out comment that would cover many of the comments left by others.
    Yes, I have been paid.
    Yes, when views are down the site has no income. When there is no revenue to share no one who contributes to the site gets paid.

    I would love to see you write some posts about what kind of topics might bring those outside views in.

    Gosh I think I got that all said in one comment.

  8. Darn all your questions only have yes as an answer or nothing at all. I noticed that today when I submitted mine earlier today.
    In all fairness having and edited old post trend is unacceptable to me.
    I am not sure if authors like me who are not verified can edit and post their old posts. I will not even try it.
    I find this issue very confusing, Why does Virily shoot itself in its legs with changes like this one. People are bound to misuse it.
    I have been paid for every month I have been here, thanks to Virily.

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