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A new change is coming to Facebook

The world's largest social network will soon offer us a new feature that will help us silence notifications and get more management options. Due to...

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Sweets do not gain weight if you eat them at a certain time

French nutritionist Pascal Gordon claims daily sugar consumption cannot in any way disrupt our line. Desserts are allowed, but there are a few rules...

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Salty cakes with only two ingredients

There are not many who, these days, permanently confined in the house, bake something, from cakes to bread. These cakes are so quick and...

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Most liquid dish washing detergents do not have antibacterial properties

While you wash your dishes with warm water and liquid detergent, you probably think that you leave everything very clean and disinfected. But, most...

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Make homemade paste of 3 beneficial ingredientings for hair removal

This is a simple recipe of three foods you probably already have at home that will help you make a face waxing paste. And...

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