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Five simple eating changes that make you feel better each day

The power that the carefully selected food has on our body and the good feeling in our own skin is invaluable. Here are some...

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What is Black Friday and how it originated?

Black Friday is every fourth Friday of the month of November, the day after the Thanksgiving Day of the United States. But, how did Black...

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Thanksgiving Day (USA)

The Thanksgiving Day was introduced in 1789 on the recommendation of President George Washington and the approval of the Congress. Later, in 1941, President...

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Sarah Jessica Parker was stunned in a risky styling that is not for everyone

The legendary Sarah Jessica Parker, who, thanks to her role as an oppressed columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the cult series 'Sex and the City',...

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Kosher nutrition rules

Kosher food is that one that is in accordance with the Jewish law, namely Torah. Since there is no typical Israel, there is no...

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