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Make homemade paste of 3 beneficial ingredientings for hair removal

This is a simple recipe of three foods you probably already have at home that will help you make a face waxing paste. And...

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JAMES COOK: He flooded the world and discovered many islands and was killed in a bizarre brawl in Hawaii

On February 14, 1779, natives of Hawaii killed the famous Captain James Cook, a great English explorer and seaman, on his third visit to...

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Culture at the time of the corona virus: And the Russian Bolshoi went online

The famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow has made it possible to watch some of its most famous performances online after having to close the...

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Will corona virus disappear with higher temperatures?

The number of infectious cases began to increase rapidly in countries where temperatures were low. After the Chinese researchers, the whole situation was analyzed by...

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Asian children are the healthiest on the planet

Many Asian countries use unusual methods to preserve the health of their children. These methods, which are applied in Asian countries, can be easily applied...

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