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Answer Virily user question (yes Albert it is your question)!

Virily is an ad-driven site. What does mean? It means that Google Ad Sense places ads on the page (normally in one or two locations). The views Virily gets is what Google ad-sense pays on. A significant drop in views will result in a revenue drop. Or for those who like big-companies are bag and always wrong conspiracy theories if Google changes the rate of payment for views revenue goes down. Virily has a monthly cost as a site. That is important to remember. Whatever that number is (and frankly I won’t even hazard a guess) they need to get that amount of revenue from Google to pay Authors and of course pay for the actual site. That revenue stream fluctuates. I suspect right now is its peak.

I did want to point out that I am not justifying the silence of the admin team. Nor am I justifying the issues the site has. A few years ago Niume died. It was a painful situation, and many of the writers here on Virily were on Niume. Niume had many more problems initially than Virily did, and honestly, even in a much better period for click pay, they couldn’t make money. I made friends with one of the Niume Admins and was privy to the issues they were experiencing before the site died. I promised Albert that given a day to recharge I would answer his question. Should I be worried was his question if I may think I am going to expand Albert’s question a little? Should be worried that Virily is going to fail soon.

The easy answer to that question is I don’t think so. I am worried that the site has fewer views. I am also worried that many authors are getting discouraged. I understand why authors are getting frustrated. I continue to notify the admin team, as many of you do. I haven’t gotten communication from them since day 18 of the last crisis. I do know that there are two teams, the admin that does moderation and the IT team that runs and manages the site.

To answer Albert’s question and end this Virily ramble I have consulted with a very good friend of mine for making decisions. Yes, I have taken the Magic Eight off my desk. I picked it up and shook as the directions say to do before asking a question;

Then I asked, “should we be worried about Virily?”

The eight returned with “It depends.”


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I promote my own posts as a rule, and also the posts I like, on Twitter and Facebook. I also click and watch ads regularly, (I run Adsense on 58 blog sites and know clicks generate revenue). Starting with I have written thousands of posts in many places, (Google Tranquilpen) and you will find 42,500 hits and one of my Blogger sites has 50,000 visits. No vanity intended! But I have been doing this for a while now and my philosophy is simple, the show ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Which reminds me, I have an excerpt right here;
    The Show Aint Over, Till The Fat Lady Sings
    I critiqued a piece once and it was about the value of Supportive Friends and how much they mean in life.
    I started it like this: “In the story of life, there are so many plot-places one’s story could legitimately go. I wrote, that I loved that it had gone in what I felt was the most plausible direction our young friend’s life story had gone.

    So often people live in fear of reprisal or reproach they don’t know and don’t understand. So often, the enemy quickest to defeat us, IS us.

    There are times where no one around you can be trusted, and other times still, where you have to know yourself well enough to find the people you can trust.

    Along your way, you will seldom see the good you’ve done, but if you habitually do good things, others will notice and also remember. So, until we get there, “the show ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

    • I find it very interesting, the reality of promotion. I have in the past written for various professional writing sites (where you have to be a lot more careful about grammar and spelling than I am here).

      I published a light technology piece once called “The Pizza Delivery Drone.” Within a month it had more than 4 million views.

      The reality of things being what they are, tech posts don’t do as well normally. But I do often wonder what drives posts here on Virily. Ergo my taking the time for the movers project.

  2. I have written for many revenue sharing sites since 2008/9. My best ones were and I joined Hubpages in 2010/11. I started earning some good money there from 2017. I persevered. We shouldn’t give up though there are some issues facing us here and Admins lack of communicating with its users. I have never experienced the issues faced here on the site’s I’d written for.
    There is the possibility it will survive for long. It isn’t making a lot of profit but it takes time before it will begin realising it.
    I’m not sure what the percentage split between users and Virily is

  3. I just think that whether we are worried or not, the site will stay or close down if the admin team decides it to be that way. There are several sites I joined in the past few years were trusting and promising for quite some time, but out of a sudden, they just closed down. I think some of the members here remember Bubblews too. Perhaps due to these experiences, I learned not to worry and just proceed with what I can do.

    Of course, it would be good if Virily team can at least give us some updates of the site. 🙂

  4. I am a veteran of many struggling and now non-existent sites but I always persevered to the bitter end. Having troubles landing steady online writing jobs at this moment I greatly rely on Virily and a couple of other sites that provide an outlet for my creativity and relax my inner soul and I can write and soar…

  5. I suppose no one can predict what will happen. We really have (we have) a lot of problems lately. Not all members seem to be as persistent as we are some. At the first problem, they stop working. I hope everything goes well and we can hang out for a long time.

  6. Thank you for your answer, Doc! I am sure that you are a person who always keeps promises and is responsible. You know the reason why I question that, maybe there are also many other users here because Virily often has problems and the admin who has been kept silent for a long time.
    Talking about this kind of platform, like the two previous platforms where I was a user before they closed; Tsu & Niume, (where I have never received payment from them yet) with all problems, we do have to look at it from various perspectives. Even if the worst thing happens from this site; closed (hopefully not!), financially I don’t feel loss – because at least I have received several payments but in the context of social I will lose because I will lose the opportunity to interact, express myself and share many things with friends here.

    Returning to the original question, should I worry? Actually my answer is no, but we both know that we care.

  7. As long as one site has a profit it will be alive.
    After all, that is the definition in capitalism.
    It all comes down to profit.
    We were taught differently in socialism.
    You could work in the company or hide behind another, not work.
    But on the first of the month, he would get paid.
    And that’s why rock and roll fell through.
    And now people here have a hard time coping with a system like this, which is neither.
    To conclude, if the site has articles that have been viewed and advertisements that will be paid for, it will still work.
    If that starts to drop, when it comes to positive zero, the site shuts down and the owners take profits.
    Maybe they’re opening a similar site.
    With other owner names.
    I think you know it better than I do, but to contribute to the discussion.
    Thanks Doc.

  8. Another thought – will it help to promote Virily posts on social media, even if we do not get guest virils as a reward?

    I have started to do this, and I do not limit myself to promoting just my own posts. If a post looks to be of general interest, I am perfectly prepared to post a link to it on Twitter. Given that I have more than 77K followers, this is bound to get a decent number of views for the post.

    Incidentally, restoring some sort of reward for doing this would surely be a good idea as an incentive.

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