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Answer Virily user question (yes Albert it is your question)!

Virily is an ad-driven site. What does mean? It means that Google Ad Sense places ads on the page (normally in one or two locations). The views Virily gets is what Google ad-sense pays on. A significant drop in views will result in a revenue drop. Or for those who like big-companies are bag and always wrong conspiracy theories if Google changes the rate of payment for views revenue goes down. Virily has a monthly cost as a site. That is important to remember. Whatever that number is (and frankly I won’t even hazard a guess) they need to get that amount of revenue from Google to pay Authors and of course pay for the actual site. That revenue stream fluctuates. I suspect right now is its peak.

I did want to point out that I am not justifying the silence of the admin team. Nor am I justifying the issues the site has. A few years ago Niume died. It was a painful situation, and many of the writers here on Virily were on Niume. Niume had many more problems initially than Virily did, and honestly, even in a much better period for click pay, they couldn’t make money. I made friends with one of the Niume Admins and was privy to the issues they were experiencing before the site died. I promised Albert that given a day to recharge I would answer his question. Should I be worried was his question if I may think I am going to expand Albert’s question a little? Should be worried that Virily is going to fail soon.

The easy answer to that question is I don’t think so. I am worried that the site has fewer views. I am also worried that many authors are getting discouraged. I understand why authors are getting frustrated. I continue to notify the admin team, as many of you do. I haven’t gotten communication from them since day 18 of the last crisis. I do know that there are two teams, the admin that does moderation and the IT team that runs and manages the site.

To answer Albert’s question and end this Virily ramble I have consulted with a very good friend of mine for making decisions. Yes, I have taken the Magic Eight off my desk. I picked it up and shook as the directions say to do before asking a question;

Then I asked, “should we be worried about Virily?”

The eight returned with “It depends.”


What do you think?

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