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5 Reasons Not To Throw Away Orange Peel

The citrus scent is one of my favorite scents, and a symbol of the winter for me. Whenever I eat an orange, I always keep the peel for a few hours and use it as a natural air freshener. A trick to make it more fragrant is to make cuts in the orange side or just tear it into small pieces. Some people even boil it to get the maximum of the scent, but I like shortcuts, and I also think the aroma lasts longer my way. Here are a few more ways to use orange peel:

1. Make candied citrus peel or jam, or just use the zest in other dishes;

2. Mix it with vinegar to make an all-purpose cleaner;

3. Place it on places from which you want to repel insects;

4. Use it in a drink – hot tea or mulled wine;

5. Deodorize your shoes, trash can or anything you want.

Bonus tip: If you are going to consume the peel, wash the orange thoroughly before that. You can soak it for a while in water with some baking soda in it. What other uses of orange peel can you think of?

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  1. I used so much oranges during the holiday season that I made a small jar of marmalade. We also dry the peels and use it with coffee powder as a body scrub. I love the smell of both coffee and oranges.

  2. We have a navel orange tree. I chop up some skin and add to my salad with tomatoes, purple onion, baby spinach, and home-made olives preserves in first cold pressed olive oil. I eat the salad with my lamb or beef steaks.
    This is making me very hungry.

    Thank you for your great orange ideas!

  3. Interesting information, dear Ellie … I love citrus fruits … I prefer mandarins and peels and I never throw them away immediately … I leave them for a while because they smell nice but I don’t eat them because of pesticides … it says on the shop floor that the peel is not edible


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