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Family Travel: The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Another family friendly spot in the Minneapolis area (weather permitting), is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Located near the Walker Art Center, the area provide...

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Cherry Creek Reservoir

While Colorado doesn't have anywhere near the number of lakes that we did in Wisconsin where I grew up, there are a number of...

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Family Travel: Jewel Cave, South Dakota Jewel Cave, South Dakota was discovered in the 1900. It was declared a National Monument in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. These images are...

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Family Travel: Minnehaha Falls Regional Park One year, on our way up to Wisconsin, we stopped in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tucked within the city itself is Minnehaha Falls Regional Park. The...

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Which came first, the aphid or the ladybug? While I recently posted some ladybug pictures earlier in the week, I came across an area...

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