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May Poppies

I've been working on re-landscaping our backyard, so I haven't taken the time to post much lately. Our poppies have really been gangbusters this...

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Spring Fireworks

These are Golden Spur Columbines. I think that they look a little like fireworks, especially from the side. We've had a really warm month...

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Do the T – Rump Bump (Music Video)

I've given up on watching the daily White House corona briefings. I find President Trump's interactions with the reporters to be rude and unprofessional....

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Kili & Catnip

With my work scheduled reduced due to the Corona Virus measures, it's time for our cat Kili to start pulling his weight. Is it...

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This is a song that I wrote for the RPM challenge. With "Imaginations", I was going for a Halloween-like/WillyWonka vibe. Let me know what...

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May Poppies

Spring Fireworks

Do the T – Rump Bump (Music Video)

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