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Spring Tulips ~ Color Crazy

I try to have as many colors as possible in my garden each year. For my benefit as well as the critters. As I was going through some photos I noticed a variety of colors. 

The orange is one of many favorites. I like it with the green foliage. 

Although hummingbirds always enjoy red, I keep as many colors as possible available. Funny how we associate a color with an animal or bird. But the orange is just appealing to everyone I think. 

Sharing this photo with Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge.

I have black, read, yellow and orange tulips. Do you have a favorite color?

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. These are truly gorgeous. I only have one thing that blooms orange, and I don’t even know the name of it. It is some kind of succulent that was a volunteer. I love all the colors you have. You know my favorites are the blues, purples and pinks.

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