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K-9 movie on Netflix

K-9 is a movie I just watched on Netflix. It is starring Jim Belushi and Jerry the k-9. It full of comedy and action...

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The Brightest Places movie on Netflix

I just turned this movie on after finished watching something else. From what I can tell is that Violet Markey and her family moved from...

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Swing Chair

Hi all, I do not have a hammock on my porch or inside my home. When I was moving to where I live now I...

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I thought I would do something very different here and see what people think about it. I have thought about hammocks before but never...

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Evan Almighty on Netflix

I am back with another Netflix movie for you to check out. It is called Evan Almighty. Evan Baxter wins the election for Congressman....

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K-9 movie on Netflix

The Brightest Places movie on Netflix

Swing Chair

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