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Pine Creek Falls in Horsethief Canyon ~ San Diego ~ California

This hike to the falls had too many pictures for one post so I split them up into three posts with ten photos each. If you missed the first two posts about this canyon walk you can find them in the links below.

After our break by the creek we followed it another half mile of so until you could hear falls. This was the first view of it after we rounded a bend. 

#1 A big pool

The trail continues across the creek to the other side and continues another 30 miles or so north. It is broken up into little five mile hikes though. This was the end of ours. It was two and half miles down hill. 

#2 Luna

is looking at my son take his shoes and socks off on that bank over there. 

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#4 I found shade

under a very large old Manzanita Bush to the right. 

#5 Across the creek

It takes a little rock climbing or scampering I call it. 

#6 Luna

Is looking at the rushing water. It really goes by fast through here. 

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#7 A closer look

I was watching the water flow and noticed something on the far rock. Do you see it? It is just about at water line in the middle of the frame, about to go into that still hole. 

#8 A Garter Snake

They can be found from Canada to South America. They are not water snakes. This one was trapped in the falls, to afraid to go back into the icy water. My son skipped rocks, got over there and helped it to the bank and trees. 

#9 We found the best place

to just sit all afternoon and enjoy the water. My son went swimming twice, the dogs tried to make it up the falls and hurt their pads. Meika thought she could go up these falls like a salmon spawning. Not so, she tore her pads pretty bad, and is limping. I never got any shots of her, my camera died. I had forgotten to charge the battery before this hike. Ugh! 

    • It was, I am glad you liked it. I had tried a few spots before I found this one. This was the best. Meika is still on the mend, no hiking this weekend. Lunas feet are bad as well, but Meikas were way worse. It’ll take a few weeks of healing.

#10 Last one.

This area is so deep you cannot see the bottom. The water is crystal clear with just a little tannin tinting the water a light tea color. 

We stayed here all afternoon, and I want to come back and camp right here and spend the weekend. The water never dries up here, the creek is fed by natural springs along the way. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos, get out and enjoy some nature! 

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    • I know, right? lol. I was above the fall as they were trying to swim up it. I kept saying no, go. And they do know what that means. They did listen, but just too late, damage was already done. It was a tough walk out, and took two hours. It was still worth it though. I bet they learned an important lesson on this one.

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