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Horsethief Canyon by the Mexican Border starting point!

With a name like Horsethief Canyon, who could resist this walk? I sure couldn’t, especially went I started reading about this area. 

 This is actually part of a trail I have already walked. Just about 24 miles upstream. Now for the bottom part of this river canyon. The river that runs below is named Pine Valley River and continues into Mexico from here. 

It was named Horsethief canyon because wrestlers used to steal horses and drive them into Mexico along this creek that runs wet all year long even in the driest months. 

The place I went to this day almost forms a perfect box canyon. It is a five mile hike out and back with an elevation gain of 1, 330 feet. The grade is nice and not as bad as it looks. The trail is also very well maintained which is always a plus. My son and my two dogs and my moms tiny dog went with us this day. 

Anyway the cover shows the starting point of this trail, and we will be going down to the bottom of the canyon you see on the right hand side of the frame. 

Relax, and just enjoy.. Thanks for reading! 

#1 This is a Yucca Bloom.

This is is about 3 feet high. 

#2 Ground Cover

These tiny beauties were everywhere there was sunshine. 

#3 More

There are also orange daisies blooming. 

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#4 Three colors!

The only flower here I know the name is is the one in the back. It is Mustard. Like the kind you eat. 

#5 Tiny white flowers

everywhere! They were the size of Baby's Breath flowers. 

#6 Getting closer…

These flowers are still lining the hill. 

#7 Replacing the whites..

These cool tiny yellow ones. 

#8 A closer look

They are so delicate looking. 🙂 

#9 White trees

Are also in bloom. These are one of the trees that are first to bloom in the spring. I have no idea what they are though. We are still a long way from the bottom of the valley. Can you see my son on the bottom of the frame? 

#10 A sign

marking the trail to the water! 

I hope you enjoyed this part of the walk with the wild flowers. I hope you are seeing signs of spring in your neck of the woods as well. 

Have a great day. 

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Thank you Doc, glad to have you along. Your dogs would love it.
      Ah the horse, funny you should mention a horse. My two dogs are not socialized with horses very well, they have seen them, but freak out, bark, run too close to hooves. We met two people on horses with a horse on lead they were training. The riderless horse was afraid of dogs, so around the bend you hear. NO, Dogs, go away. Go. NO The three dogs run back to us, shaking in fear. The riders weren’t very friendly, we got the dogs under control as they passed. I asked if they had stolen that horse. They didn’t even laugh. humph, I thought it was funny.

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