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Back at it!

We took a short walk last week to an area really close that I didn’t know existed. Those are the best types. I love Google Maps! 

#1 Are you ready?

Here we go....

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#2 So green

We had a short break in between rain storms to take the dogs out on a hike. 

#3 Live Coastal Oak Trees

We found this trail that was behind some houses that followed a stream. 

#4 Crevices

and small caves are shown here. The dogs had to check every one of them out. You never know where those pesky saber toothed rabbits are hiding. 

It was safe!! No bunnies. 

#5 Can you see

the dogs? Check out that egg like boulder...? Odd huh? 

#6 A closer look

at that boulder, as the dogs are still busy checking out the area..

#7 Mushrooms

I have never seen any red or orange ones in person growing, just in pictures. 

#10 The tiny creek

with it's clear cold water. Check out the next page for a few more pictures. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Wow, what a way to start the post! Love that sunrise? (I can only guess)
    Somehow the mushrooms looks delicious …
    but I know I better not eat or even touch them! :p