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Horsethief Canyon and Pine Creek

This hiking trek is part of a post I posted about earlier in case you missed it the link is below. It has ten pictures of the starting point of this five mile hike. 

#1 Trail markers

Here is where the trail narrows and goes down into the canyon below. 

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#2 Trees

We are almost down to the bottom and to the creek. The creek is to the left of this frame, up against that hill. 

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#3 Almost to the trees.

As the hills rise above. 

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#4 We made it to the creek.

You just cannot see it. lol. But what you do see is an orange covered hill on the opposite side of the creek. From here you can hear the creek rushing and the dogs splashing. 

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#5 Orange daisies

are what these are. So pretty, but I cannot get closer the brush and creek are just below. 

#6 We walked along the creek

for about a half of a mile before there was a clearing that you could actually see Pine Valley Creek. 

My son decided this would be a great place for our first break. I thought so too. Nice and shady, the water is like ice and very clear. You cannot tell but there is a current here. 

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#7 Luna

Thought that it was a great idea as well. 

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#8 Cooling the feet down.

#9 One more of Luna

#10 So clear

One more look at the stopping area. Time to move on and see the falls! 

More to come soon. 

Have a great day! 


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