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Copper Creek Mine and Falls

The last hiking trip we took was to Copper Creek to see the falls and let the dogs enjoy the water. This area is a few towns over just down the coast from us, and used to mine copper by the Encinitas Mining Company in the 1900’s. It is said that this was one of the largest copper mines in the world and was critical to the war effort. 

#1 Meika

Meika on the top, and Luna on the bottom. 

#2 The waterfall

This waterfall is a 2.8 mile hike out and back. This is the first little tier's pond. And a giant Sycamore branch had wedged itself here. It is completely waterlogged. 

#3 Looking downstream

And the rock with wet dog prints. 

#4 Penny

My mom's dog, Penny thought this was a great place to cool the paws! 

#5 Luna

Luna has just been for a swim, while my son ponders the hike back up the trail. 

#6 Meika

As soon as we say, "Okay, let's go", the dogs always get one last swim in. 

#7 The remains

See that green gravel area? This is where they would clean the ore and the mine entrance. 

    • I would of loved to go explore over there, but it was across the creek with no easy crossing. That gravel goes all the way down to the creek and is loose shale like stuff.

#8 Closer

You have to really look closely. Can you find the mine entrance? It looks like a very small cave from here. 

#9 Remains

You can still see the place where they cleaned the ore in the bushes behind this old structure. There was one of these on the opposite side of the creek at the same level. Any ideas what it was used for? 

    • It was about the size of an old one for a cabin. There was an identical one right beside the mine in the bushes totally overgrown. I think maybe a pulley system?

#10 Time to head back home…

We only have to make it to that power line to get up out of this canyon. 

Thank you for walking with me to check out the old mine and falls. I hope you enjoyed it half as much as the dogs did. 

Have a great day and get out and enjoy some nature! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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      • And that is why I love the beach. Lotsa water to cool off the sun – – – and ended up with a nasty burn ??. What I like about hiking is the feel of the soft breeze when you get to the top. Perfect if you can drink a young coconut water after a long hike ?

        • I love the beach as well. Luckily I don’t burn easily. I do agree, and love to swim.
          I know that feeling of reaching the top, that is a great feeling. I can feel that breeze on my face just thinking about it. Now for the coconut water, that’ll make you feel refreshed and so good for you. 🙂

    • I gave her two weeks of healing time and it looked like she was good to go, but got hurt again on this trip. I did some research and found out with the tears she had it would take about 20 days to a month to heal enough to hike again. I also found out how she did it, we had hiked near this shale hill that was very steep. She went to the top and must of slid down. We will get her some booties for when we hike places like that from now on. Not many trails around here have that kind of rock so only on occasion will she have to wear them.

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