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Traditional pottery 2

After a long pause, I'm finally able to post again (real life caught me pretty tight!) and now I have another piece of traditional...

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Storms season

Third month of storms... I want them gone! They are impressive and amazing to look at, but I think we are ready for summer...

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Daily post – no 9 – Traditional pottery

I decided for something different now, a photo I took two days ago. This is a traditional plate from Horezu, my hometown. There are...

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Daily post – no 8

Still raining, still cloudy, still windy and cold. Until the raspberries are ripe, I'm settling for strawberries and cherries ?. Not from my garden,...

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Daily post – no 7

I was celebrating too soon. After just two or threedays of sun, the rain got back stronger than ever. And the forecast predicts at...

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