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The dogs…

Meika, my wolf mix is still healing from two torn paw pads, but being mostly wolf she still has to get out on adventures on my days off. If not she will dig house sized holes in the back yard. 

So there is a tiny creek near the house that you basically park the car by. It is only a few feet from the road to this beautiful pool. So this post is about watching the dogs. 

Care to join me? 

#1 The trial

Just around this rock a the short trail to the creek. Looks inviting right? 

Covered by giant Live Coastal Oak trees, and Fan Palms. Giant boulders look as if a giant just threw them into a pile. 

The dogs had a great time and no more harm was done to Meika's paws. 

  1. I cannot reply to Carol’s comment in the reply place for some reason it is glitchy. To answer your question, she tore her pads on a shale mountain. It was loose and very sharp.

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#2 Meika

has already been in for a swim, now it is time for salad! 

  1. Carol, I don’t know what is going on, but I cannot reply to your comments. Maybe you will see them here. She was glad as well, and mostly just swam and relaxed.

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#3 Walking

gingerly in the gravel. 

  1. I think I have the reply problem figured out. You can like and read three replies before you have to click View More. When you click view more, it won’t let you reply. Carol and Ghost I am sorry I cannot reply.

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#4 The water

so clear, and the bank filled with crawdad holes. 

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#5 The pool

The water is actually flowing pretty well here, but it sure looks still. 

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#6 Meika and Luna

swimming side by side. 

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#7 Closer…

So serious! I thought her reflection looked wicked cool. 

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#8 Lizard

Sunning himself on a rock. This is the most common lizard we have here. It is a Western Fence Lizard, and his underbelly is a bright blue. 

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#9 Looking up

#10 Reflection

This was a great place to just watch the dogs. The water was so pretty. 

I will post more pictures later, but until then have a great day! 


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