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Violet, Lavender, White and Orange for Color Crazy Violet week!

Temperatures reached 80 degrees last week and marked our hottest day so far this year. My son and I wanted to get some hiking done, but it was so hot we decided to just stay by the coast. It was only in the upper 70’s for an hour or so. 

We decided to visit a small waterfall but to get there you had to walk under huge power lines part of the way. 

Join me on a walk? The wildflowers are still blooming like crazy and I even saw some lavender colored ones. Perfect for Violet week since anything purple is accepted. 

#1 The coast

If you look closely you can see the ocean on the left of the power lines. We parked the car in the closest neighborhood there on the bottom right. 

#2 The trail

The hills are so green. 

#4 Flowers

It didn't take long to come across the first wildflowers. 

#5 Closer

Pretty purples! I love this lavender shade. 

#6 Foxtails and Poppies

Some white poppies with some giant foxtails behind. Do you see the violet flowers mixed in? 

#7 Tiniest tiny flowers

These were about the size of a pencil lead. Very tiny. You can see a blade of grass or foxtail for size reference. 

#8 Light purple and orange.

We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up off trail, but found some California Poppies, and this lightest of purple flowers. 

 This was halfway down a game trail. And that is a drop off ahead, but you can hear the water. Time to turn around and see if we can make it down to the creek. 

#9 We found a place

We found a place to get down to the creek, it is steep though. I sat down and slide on my behind on the steepest part. We will not be coming back this way! 

#10 Lupine

I will end this post with a pretty little Lupine in Violet. I hope you liked this little walk, more to come when we reach the creek and old copper mine! 

Have a great day! 


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