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Part 3 ~ Three Sisters Falls

Hiking southern California… I had been reading about hiking trails near me and found this one. For the first part you can click the link below.

Part two of our hike is seen in the link below.

Now for the rest and a bunch of dog pictures…. Lunchtime at the falls. 🙂 

#1 Luna

Can you see my black dog? She was in awe of these falls. 

This is the second tier of the fall. 

#2 The third tier

We decided to take our picnic lunch here on this flat rock right beside the last tier of the falls. 

#3 Looking back

We came from way up there. 

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#4 Can I do it?

Luna wondering if she could cross this part of the fall. 

#5 Maybe not

She decided to stay on the side of it for now.. Too scary. 

#7 Meika

Meika had to show Luna, that this is a great place to rest your dogs.. 

#8 Shake?

Meika about to shake off the water. Just look at that current. 

#10 Meika and Luna

Meika had to show Luna that this was not as dangerous as it looked. They ended up swimming in the pool below, then they would come up and walk on this part. It sure must of felt good on the paws. The water is snow melt off and is about that temp. 

There are bonus photos on page two, click next for more. 


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