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Does a sunset make you feel big or tiny?

Yesterday I saw a wonderful sunset in my dream, such rich colours and amazing transitions of shades... then in my dream I was looking...

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Family history: My Great Grandfather a captain

      I was told by my Mom and Dad that my Great Grandfather had been a captain of a passenger vessel at the beginning...

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My father-in-law's paintings

I would like to share some paintings made by my father-in-law. It's oil painting in the style of realism and this is his hobby....

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Hello guys, I am a big karaoke addict, and if there are karaoke lovers among you, have you come across Carpool Karaoke with James...

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I D I O T I C animals collection

Oh, guys, don't you think modern and post-modern art is just crazy and, I am not afraid to name it, - sometimes idiotic!!! Probably...

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