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Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

Most of North America just witnessed a total solar eclipse! The eclipse reached Oregon around 10:15 am, and it moved all the way across the US to Charleston, South Carolina at a speed of 1502 mph and about 70 miles wide. For about two minutes in certain areas the moon completely lined up with the sun and created total darkness. The area I live was about 30 miles off the “totality path” so we only got a very small part of the eclipse. The temperatures dropped about 5 degrees and it got a little darker than usual. This is all I could see from my deck.

Others were able to get amazing photos. Can you imagine seeing complete darkness for over two minutes in the middle of the day? Even stars and planets were visible in those areas without clouds. But I did not feel like fighting the hundreds of thousands of people to see two minutes of totality. I am watching it on television. Also, NASA has images on their website of the eclipse. And students at NASA sent high-altitude helium and camera filled balloons from 20 locations into space to film the event. It will be amazing to see what they filmed.

It was dark in the totality locations for a little over two minutes. There are stories about how animals react to this change. The whales and dolphins reportedly come ashore for the two minutes of darkness. Amazing how much we learn from nature. This amazing event will happen again in the US in 2024. Stay tuned!


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Written by Carol DM


  1. WE got a crummy 60% in Jamaica. If you didn’t look up you wouldn’t know there was anything happening cause the day was just as bright as if was the day before.

    I filled a bucket with water and watched it in the water. Just a little. The sun was like a crescent moon

  2. Unfortunately, here in Michigan, we didn’t have this incredible experience that we were all anticipating on. It got a little dark, cooler temperature, and back to hot weather after about 10 minutes.

  3. It was amazing to see!! Here in Toledo, Ohio area, it got a little shady like all over the area, and the temp dropped just a little bit too. It was scary at first glance, but was very awesome to see!!

  4. I live in Louisiana and during the eclipse the only thing that happened was that it got like dusk. It was all quiet for the birds were not singing or tweeting. It was also a little cooler at that time, but after it was over it got very hot again. This is the second total/partial eclipse I experienced. One in 1979 when I was a freshman in high school and now this one. I will be in my eighties for the next one.

  5. We got 57% of totality in San Diego, CA. The nasa images are fantastic, my favorite was the diamond ring shot. I was watching it online, and almost brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful. I have been lucky enough to watch the last three now. Great post and info, I got a few artsy shots as well.

  6. Great post, we wandered around outside for about 20 minutes but the cloud cover ended up blocking most of the Eclipse. We did get a couple of glimpses though.

    History and historic!

  7. That’s an awesome experience! I witnessed a solar eclipse when I was little, but I didn’t see much. Everything just became brown outside, but it didn’t get too dark.

  8. Your photo of the solar eclipse is very beautiful. On the internet, especially in the special media, I see how hectic the talk about it, also related to issues of signs of the times, the fall of America, Planet X, disaster, Doomsday, and so on. It seems this bustling will still last at least until the end of next month.