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Introduction to and my friend Karen!

Karen is a woman of many talents, great knowledge, and skills.  She is a brilliant businesswoman and shares her knowledge through her writing. Her...

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You can always be inspired by Anne Frank!

I have known about Anne Frank since I was a girl, and we studied her in school.  I always think of her as brave...

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Love this quote from Woody Allen!

Woody Allen has always been unconventional.  I am not always his fan, but he does have flashes of brilliance for my tastes!! This quote is...

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Some of the Animals that I met at the Philadelphia Zoo

I love animals, ask anyone that knows me! We live in the Philadelphia area, and are members at the Philadelphia Zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo was the...

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Longwood Gardens is a magical experience!

This is a photo of me from one of our trips to Longwood Gardens. You can see how happy I am with the beautiful...

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