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“The place where two oceans meet”

This video is from the Gulf of Alaska that shows a strange phenomenon that occurs when heavy, sediment – laden water from glacial valleys and rivers pours into the open ocean. There in the gulf, the two kinds of water run into each other, a light almost blue merging with a darker state blue.

However, this title: “the place where two oceans meet”, the reasonable explanation for the video and the photos, though there are too many misdirection and misconceptions about that, including the title. For example, on one website, people use to said that “Where the Baltic and North Sea meet”, and that is totally wrong, because these two kinds of water are completely incapable of mixing.

And finally, about the mixing of the water: “They do eventually mix, but such borders are never static, the always move around and around, or disappear altogether, depending on the level of sediment and the whims of the water.


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