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Legs 11: A Quiz on leggy Idioms

Eleven questions about the meaning of idioms involving legs. I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Simple? Of course it is – now let’s see how well you do!

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  • Question of

    She could talk the hind leg off a donkey

    • She is a ‘donkey-whisperer’. She can handle donkeys very well.
    • She is a very good veterinary surgeon
    • She talks a lot
  • Question of

    Break a leg!

    • I hate you and I hope you have a nasty accident!
    • Good luck on stage!
    • Try really hard!
  • Question of

    He puts his pants on one leg at a time

    • He’s a regular guy
    • He gets dressed very slowly
    • He has very expensive clothes
  • Question of

    I’m on my last legs

    • All my clothes are dirty
    • I’m ready to collapse
    • I have nearly finished the task
  • Question of

    It will cost an arm and a leg

    • You can only get it at the butcher’s
    • It can only be got by gambling
    • It will be very expensive
  • Question of

    Pull someone’s leg

    • Play a trick on someone
    • Trip someone up
    • Gossip about someone
  • Question of

    Give somebody a leg up

    • Kick somebody
    • Help somebody succeed
    • Be rude to somebody
  • Question of

    Have no leg to stand on

    • Have no justification for one’s position
    • Have to stay a while in hospital
    • Practice advanced yoga
  • Question of

    Stretch one’s legs

    • Grow taller
    • Go to the gym
    • Go for a walk
  • Question of

    Shake a leg

    • Have a shaking disease such as palsy
    • Do well in a stage performance
    • Hurry up
  • Question of

    Take the weight off your legs

    • Sit down after a long time upright
    • Take off your shoes
    • Do a headstand


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