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LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE: A Quiz about House Idioms

A quiz about the meaning of idioms involving houses. I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Simple? Of course it is – now let’s see how well you do!

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  • A basket house

    • A bar where musicians play and are paid money collected in a basket
    • A mental asylum
    • A home for the blind, where they weave basketry
  • A brick house

    • A very ugly woman
    • A well-built attractive female
    • A bank
  • They get on like a house on fire

    • They are always arguing
    • They are very warm, friendly people
    • They enjoy one another’s company very much
  • Go all round the houses

    • Collect money for a worthy cause
    • Do something in a complicated way
    • Speak in deep dialect
  • Headache house

    • Hospital
    • Pharmacy
    • Liquor store
  • House of many doors

    • Palace
    • Prison
    • A funfair ride where your car goes in and out of a series of doors
  • House of cards

    • Something likely to fail due to weak structure
    • Political intrigue
    • A casino
  • To bottom the house

    • To fill the cellar with wine
    • To go naked in the house
    • To thoroughly clean the house
  • To bring down the house

    • Evoke loud applause and cheers
    • Besmirch a family’s reputation
    • To add one or more extra storeys to a house
  • A house of ill fame

    • A hospital
    • A community of retired celebrities
    • A brothel
  • Who wears the pants in the house?

    • Who is the best dressed in the house?
    • Who is the boss in the house?
    • Who washes the laundry in the house?
  • I had a drink on the house

    • I attended the housewarming party
    • I sat on the roof while I had a drink
    • I had a free drink in the pub

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  1. I laughed my head off! The last one really got me. lol Thank you Norman, these are by far better than my jokes. giggles I got two wrong, I couldn’t believe it! I learned two new ones. I got number 5 and number 3, I thought it meant arguing. : D

    • Well I’m very happy you enjoyed, Kim! I usually try to leaven these things with a bit of humour 🙂 I’m stunned you didn’t know ‘like a house on fire’ – just goes to show that what we think is universal ain’t necessarily so 🙂

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