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LET YOUR HAIR DOWN! A Quiz about Body Idioms

A quiz about the meaning of idioms involving the body. I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Simple? Of course it is – now let’s see how well you do!

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  • Question of

    You have egg on your face

    • You are pregnant
    • You need to wipe your nose
    • You’ve done something stupid
  • Question of

    She has a gut feeling

    • She has gastro-intestinal cramps
    • She senses something without knowing why
    • She is falling in love
  • Question of

    A sight for sore eyes

    • Something or someone you are glad to see
    • A website to help with eye problems
    • Better than 20/20 vision
  • Question of

    Caught red-handed

    • Freshly caught fish
    • Hands are chafed from the cold
    • Caught in the act of doing something wrong
  • Question of

    He’s still finding his feet

    • He’s adjusting to a new situation
    • He is coming around after a general anaesthetic
    • He is very drunk
  • Question of

    If you grease someone’s palm…

    • You steal fruit from their trees
    • You laugh at them behind their back
    • You bribe them
  • Question of

    I have itchy feet

    • I need new shoes
    • I want to go somewhere else
    • I am the sort of person who shouts louder than everyone else at a football match
  • Question of

    Jump out of your skin

    • Take off your clothes really quickly
    • Change moods unpredictably
    • Get a big fright
  • Question of

    She’s wet behind the ears

    • She is inexperienced
    • She is menstruating
    • She loves to drink alcohol
  • Question of

    You vented your spleen

    • You farted
    • You pretended you could speak a foreign language
    • You expressed your anger
  • Question of

    If you have a heart-to-heart with someone…

    • You both share your feelings
    • You have an illicit affair with someone
    • You caught a sexually transmitted disease from someone


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