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FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH: A Quiz about Horse Idioms

This is a fun quiz all about some idioms involving horses.  In each question I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Let’s hear how you do ?

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Cover photo public domain. Data correct per The Free Dictionary.

  • Question of

    He’s flogging a dead horse

    • He is waking up after very little sleep
    • He is persisting with a hopeless issue
    • He’s into sadism, necrophilia, and bestiality
  • Question of

    She could eat a horse

    • She is very hungry
    • She has a very big mouth
    • She is Jewish but does not keep kosher
  • Question of

    He was a dark horse

    • He displayed an unnatural attraction to horses
    • Nobody knew his blond hair was dyed
    • He had hidden talents
  • Question of

    A horse pill

    • A robust version of the iPad designed for vets
    • Material left over after a horse’s hooves have been pared
    • A story that is hard to believe
  • Question of

    A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

    • A secret code shared by horse traders
    • You cannot get people to take a hint if they are determined not to
    • A kind of tactile sign language for deaf-blind people
  • Question of

    From the horse’s mouth

    • Information straight from the original source
    • Horse spittle, collected to be drunk by jockeys before a race for good luck
    • A particularly bad smell
  • Question of

    A horse opera

    • A ‘western’ film
    • A small farm
    • A song about farm animals
  • Question of

    Hold your horses

    • Lock up your house well against burglars
    • Wait a minute
    • Let women and children go first
  • Question of

    Get down off your high horse

    • Move into pig and dairy farming
    • Be less haughty and proud
    • A pilot landing a plane well, despite having little experience
  • Question of

    Granddad is on his hobby horse again

    • He’s eyeing up women half his age
    • Granddad is losing his mind
    • He’s talking incessantly about his favourite topic


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