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It's a Dog's Life: A Quiz about Doggy Idioms

A quiz about the meaning of idioms involving dogs. I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Simple? Of course it is – now let’s see how well you do! You might also be interested in my other idiom quizzes:

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Answers correct per The Free Dictionary. Cover image from CC0 Creative Commons.

  • Question of

    A dog and pony show

    • A meeting of the extended family
    • An event organised for promotion or to drive sales
    • A traditional country music event
  • Question of

    A shaggy-dog story

    • A rambling story or joke
    • An advertisement for toilet paper
    • A country dance in a marquee tent
  • Question of

    Between dog and wolf

    • A very difficult choice
    • A type of drug that is technically illegal but which is rarely prosecuted
    • Between dusk and daylight
  • Question of

    Cats and dogs

    • Next year’s models of mobile phones
    • People who only watch Fox News
    • Slow-selling merchandise
  • Question of

    A dog in the manger

    • A puppy received as a Christmas present
    • A gift you have to hide from your parents
    • Someone who stops you having something out of spite
  • Question of

    To dogfood

    • To use your own company’s software to test for flaws
    • To live very poorly while saving money
    • To eat a strictly carnivorous diet
  • Question of


    • To take risky short-cuts
    • To shop only in the most up-market supermarkets
    • To copulate like dogs, with the male approaching from the rear
  • Question of

    A hair of the dog

    • A very cheap and simple haircut
    • To negotiate a lose-lose arrangement when selling over-supplied goods
    • An alcoholic drink consumed to remedy a hangover
  • Question of

    To hot dog

    • To up-cycle defective merchandise
    • To use a dog for sensual satisfaction
    • To perform stunts to impress
  • Question of

    Your dogs are barking

    • The fire brigade needs your keys to access a property
    • A Hollywood producer has expressed an interest in a screenplay you sent in
    • Your feet are aching
  • Question of

    The dog’s bollocks

    • A despicable person or thing
    • Excellent and exceptional
    • A defensive tactic in American football
  • Question of

    A three dog night

    • A very cold night
    • A Gregorian hymn with three harmonies
    • A party you shouldn’t have gone to. And your mammy warned you and all!
  • Question of

    A tin dog

    • A can of beer
    • A hot dog from a can
    • A snowmobile
  • Question of

    To bird-dog

    • To create a high-frequency sound, inaudible to humans
    • Act as a decoy or create a diversion
    • To steal another man’s girlfriend
  • Question of

    Hong Kong dog

    • Diarrhoea
    • A dish of fried rice with dog meat
    • An especially complex competitive kite
  • Question of

    The black dog

    • A hardcore Led Zeppelin fan
    • Melancholy or depression
    • A virulent strain of influenza
  • Question of

    A yellow dog

    • The dummy hare used on a greyhound racetrack
    • The white flag of surrender
    • A despicable person or thing
  • Question of

    The red dog

    • A sexually transmitted disease
    • A defensive tactic in American football
    • A terrier or bloodhound


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  1. OMG hahaha. You have done it with this one. Laughs out loud!! Okay let’s see, It all started going wrong with number 6 then I got to number 7 and thought the last answer was a joke… Then I did pretty well until I got to Hong Kong dog, you got me on the one, that is one I had never heard of. There were a few I hadnt heard of like Yellow dog, I prefer to call those types a yellow bellied lizard licker? grins, great quiz Norman, oh master of the quiz!


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