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Chaotic, Inspired, Creative, Jubilant People

♦ I know some people who are very disorganized or lacking in order. A dear friend of mine, for instance, is beyond chaotic and...

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When Do You Tend to Write a Post?

As to me, I tend to write a post in the evening or in my spare time, not necessarily because of an event. I...

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What Is your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

When it is summer in Milan, Italy, the country where I live, it is hot, very hot. In this season of the year, I...

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Oceans General Knowledge Quiz – Part One

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of oceans. See how much you know about them. Enjoy and see how many of these...

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Some Activities That Help Us Relieve Stress

<a class="snax-figure-source" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"></a> Many people believe that it is important to find some activities that help them relieve stress. ♦ A few friends...

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