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HEADS UP! – A Quiz on Heady Idioms

Twelve questions about the meaning of idioms involving heads. I give you the idiom, and you choose the correct meaning. Simple? Of course it is – now let’s see how well you do!

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  • Question of

    What does “to have a big head” mean?

    • To be full of self-importance
    • To suffer from a hangover
    • To feel unimportant
  • Question of

    If you’re known as an airhead, what do people think you are?

    • Someone who travels a lot by air
    • A stupid person
    • A very popular person
  • Question of

    If you have a cool head, what does it mean?

    • You need to wear a hat
    • You are scared to make a decision
    • You remain calm
  • Question of

    What does it mean if you were ‘born with a caul on your head’? (Caul = part of fetal membrane)

    • You are possessed by a demon
    • You are lucky
    • You are a good midwife
  • Question of

    If you are funny in the head, it means…

    • You are good at telling jokes
    • You are suffering from a hangover
    • You are a bit crazy
  • Question of

    What does ‘Heads will roll’ mean?

    • Someone is in big trouble
    • Let’s toss a coin to see who wins
    • The oldest person is the first to start the game
  • Question of

    ‘Give him his head’ means…

    • Let him take the first move
    • Give him alcohol until he is drunk
    • Let him do as he wishes
  • Question of

    If I ‘give my head for the washing’ what does this mean?

    • I submit passively to punishment
    • I take a shower and wash my hair
    • I admit responsibility for something
  • Question of

    If I keep my head, this means…

    • I remain healthy
    • I remain rich
    • I remain calm
  • Question of

    If your brother is soft in the head, this means…

    • He is a generous person
    • He is a stupid person
    • He is a jealous person
  • Question of

    If you bring it to a head, it means…

    • You give it as a gift
    • You mix it with beer
    • You bring it to the point that action must be taken
  • Question of

    If you ‘wet the baby’s head’ this means…

    • You take an alcoholic drink to celebrate the baby’s birth
    • You wash the baby’s hair and face
    • You change its nappy (diaper)


What do you think?

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          • Memsahib is not a correct form to use for me. The word MemSahiba was used for “white women of high social status living in India” at the time of partition; Ishtar would have been called a mem or perhaps choti (young) mem sahiba since she is quite young.

            I don’t know about India but here in Pakistan, we seldom call foreigners Sahib or Memsahib now. It’s usually sir or madam or just the name. In fact. if someone is trying to put on airs or act superior and arrogant, we say she’s trying to imitate a mem. 🙂


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