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My Art Collection

Hi virilians! I hope you're doin well this day. Let me just share with you some of my arts that I did this week. I...

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Baguio City Photography

Hi, dear fellow virilians! ??? It's been months since I had my last post here in Virily and I do missed a lot of things...

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My Photomania Project Part 4: Have A Happy 2018

It's so fast months, days, and hours passed last year, 2017. A lot of things happened that makes our 2017 memorable, those either good or...

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Merry Christmas Virily

Merry Christmas everyone. After how many months passed,Christmas season is here again. We could feel the cold wind embracing our whole body expressing how...

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Ayala Mall Outside View

Konnichiwa! I missed publishing here in virily for a quite few days. We went for a vacation 'till now but I now have time to...

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