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Are You Going To A Meeting?

We all go to meetings at the workplace, and in our personal lives too. Meetings take place whenever two, or more people come together...

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The Memorandum As A Briefing Note

A memorandum is a brief note (or short document) which is written by a staff member, to one or more of their colleagues at...

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Is A Robot About To Take Over Your Human Job?

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) currently threatens the existence of millions of jobs across the world. Without a doubt, the loss of human jobs due...

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Writing Annual Reports

Annual reports are produced, published and distributed each year by most types of organisations including: Companies, Charities, Social Enterprises, Quangos, Government Agencies and Voluntary...

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Report Writing Skills

Thousands of reports are written every day across the world for use in government, business, education, science, media, sports, entertainment, technology and many other...

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