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When will I be paid – Dashboard Needs your help

Hello Virilian : Sharing my dashboard screen shot with you to understand and get my answer , that when will virily will pay me. If this post is seen by administrator if virily, Please inbox and reply me in detail. I have written to virily support and I have got no answer since past seven days. Its really frustrating now, Please help

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  1. That’s a lot! congratulations in advance. You may message the admin or the support system that we have in here. I’m afraid that they could reply as fast as you want them to respond to you.

  2. Since most of the members of Virily are using PayPal, I was curious because I saw from the preview the high amount in the balance. I guess your question has been answered by our friends here. Although, it is also better if one of the admins will answer. I hope that you receive your payment next month. I am also hoping to receive mine.

  3. At first I was quite confused why you haven’t get paid since you already have over $90 in your balance. I forgot about the minimum payout for Payoneer as I opt for PayPal. Hope you will get your payment next month. ^_^

  4. It looks you haven’t reached Payooneer’s payment amount which is $100. With only $7 remaining you’ll be paid this month or early next month. Luckily, with $10 of last month and the $$$ you’ll earn this month you’ll be paid more than $100.

    Paypal and PayPal have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s choosing the best depending on someone’s goals.

  5. Since you are setup to receive payment via Payoneer, maybe you will make your $100. minimum payout next month. But I am not familiar with this type of payment. Good luck, I hope you get an answer and payment soon.

  6. What a big number! 😃
    Yes, you’re likely to be paid at the end of this month, if you chose Payoneer.
    At the end of May, they will sum up your current unpaid earnings plus April, allowing you to reach the minimum required.

  7. Had you set up your payment detail? If you are using PayPal you must have been paid because the minimum payout is 10 dollars, if no PayPal payout they said is 100 dollars. I have not been paid actually because I have yet to reach the 10 dollars minimum payout but this is what I heard.

        • You already asked me that and I answered you all your questions in your post and never get the reply back… Don’t know why you people don’t read answers…

          Since some people don’t know how to manage here I try to help them sometimes but I won’t waste my energy on that anymore since it seems it’s not appreciated or it’s something else…

          Like I already said, l I’m neither an admin nor part of the site, I just know how to manage and find solutions and am quite persistent in that… They are not always answering but sometimes, on important things they do… I was also said that there is many messages and they are always doing what’s a priority…
          On Facebook the admin even told me she likes to be contacted because that means people like the site but she is aware of the communication problems and that they are working on that too – like I wrote in my article I mentioned you several times till now and which which I hope you read in full…!

        • Sorry, but I don’t understand you asking a question here, and so many in your own post, I answer them all but get Any reply… I don’t understand such behavior, don’t you think it’s not ok…………? .

        • When I had some problems Virily Editor answered me, and quite politely… I also wrote about that in my articles… (I hope you were reading them before commenting)… Since then I wrote her several times and getting answers when there were problems… I also noticed they actually not answer when the problem you present is actually not a problem or they have some other priorities when it comes to members’ problems due to many messages they receive (I’m saying only what I was told…)…
          Since she answers me sometimes, when I see people have problems I try to help if they can’t manage it themselves or doubt they will not get the answers…
          Also, all the things I write and claim I do that only from what I was told by the admins and the things I notice myself that also match with the things I have been told…
          I also already answered some of these in your post, so I don’t know why you’re asking me again…

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