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Sharks Fin Soup

I took this photo of sharks fin soup  when I had dinner with my friend at a traditional Chinese Restaurant two weeks ago. Shark fin...

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Super moon 2020

Last night while walking along our street from attending a birthday dinner my niece told me how bright the moon is, so I asked...

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Iron Man and the kids

Children party these days would not be complete if there is no mascot or Disney and other characters.  Food has become a second priority...

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Postage Stamps

Some 4 decades ago saw the fascination of some folks at collecting stamps where they would showcase the various stamps they collected from  other...

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Unique Christmas Light Posts

Just sharing one if not the best Christmas decorations I've seen this year.  This is located in one of the provinces in Luzon in...

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Sharks Fin Soup

Super moon 2020

Iron Man and the kids

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