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Thank you Virily's admins!

Big surprise today. Virily made a new payment. A smaller amount than usual but, this is not the first time that virily has had a slightly lower value. We don’t have to panic. There were months when the value was lower. Like any business there are ups and downs. My hope is that all the complaints to the site will end, because all these will harm everyone.

Here’s how the virili value evolved in December

dec 2017; 1000 virils = 0.610$

dec 2018; 1000 virils = 1.29$

dec 2019; 1000 virils = 0,646$

So, thank you, Virily’s admins for the good work you do!


  • We should stop criticizing the site, agree?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Congratulations on your payment. I am very happy for you. I agree that complaining does not bring about solutions but only sometimes hearsay and occasional verbal fights. BTW your photo of such a beautiful bloom is simply gorgeous.

  2. My post was not complaining or panicking. I only stated the facts, the payment was lower than back in 2018. Communication is vital. I am positive on as many posts as time allows every single day and will continue to be.

    Beautiful photo as always.


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