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A Christmas Wish

Well, that time of the year is nearly upon us again! It comes round so quickly, doesn’t it? I think I am quite likely to...

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My Self-Help Book On Amazon

I have just self-published a book on Amazon, “A Happier Life in 9 Habits”,  details below.  It is a self-help book, not very long,...

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My Best Friend, Tiggt

Here is a recent photo of my cat Tiggy. Very photogenic, I am sure you will agree! She is now 15 years old, which...

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Angels, Please Send Me A Miracle!

I don’t know what to do, just don’t know. I need a miracle, because I think it is the only thing that is going...

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The Hell of Home-hunting

I’m writing this to try to get some relief from a pressing problem which has been plagueing me for some time now, and am...

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A Christmas Wish

My Self-Help Book On Amazon

My Best Friend, Tiggt

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