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Peeked at Your Dashboard Lately?

Just wondered if anyone else had peeked at your Dashboard on your Profile page. It usually stays all zero’s until the end of the month before we get paid. Payment has already processed.  Instead of the zero’s, right now the numbers are there showing the daily and monthly balance. 

The numbers are depressingly low, but thought some of you might want to take a peek.

Eeyore says to have a good day. The sun is trying to shine here. The birds are singing. It should be another beautiful spring day. Take care everyone!

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Yes. In fact, another member was asking me about it so I checked it about a week ago and did notice that they were showing amounts where they usually don’t show them. Not quite sure how to interpret the numbers. Just hope it doesn’t mean the site is about shut down.

      • Yes, I know. I did the math. The lower value is only a concern if it is an indication that the sight is about to shut down. From what I understand from other sites, they are expecting reduced advertising revenues also. This is from a HUBPages newsletter:

        “As it pertains to monetization, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an industry trade leader, is right now conducting a broad survey on “Impact of COVID-19 on Ad Spend.” That will certainly be insightful. But even without that formal research, we expect that ad spenders will be re-evaluating their campaigns in light of the COVID-19 situation.”

        Uh huh. That’s probably a “hint” that advertising revenues might go down. But that’s not an announcement that they have plans to shut down the site. See what I mean?


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