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Hawaii Five-0 – Po'ipu

Episode nine of season one of Hawaii Five-0 is "Po'ipu" and sees an advance US diplomatic security agent is murdered in a hotel room. He...

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Hawaii Five-0 – Mana'o

"Mana'o", which is episode eight of season one of Hawaii Five-0, opens at a Hawaiian luau, when it comes time to unveil the roast...

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Hawaii Five-0 – Ko'olauloa

"Ko'olauloa" is episode six of season one of Hawaii Five-0. Kono is out surfing at a big event with her mentor, who is the owner...

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Hawaii Five-0 – Ho'apono

"Ho'apono" is episode seven of season one of Hawaii Five-0. This episode opens with a man on the run from the police. He gets on...

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Hawaii Five-0 – Nalowale

"Nalowale" is episode five of season one of Hawaii Five-0. A boat doing an underwater tour of Waikiki Bay finds a dead girl in the...

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Hawaii Five-0 – Po'ipu

Hawaii Five-0 – Mana'o

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