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Ljubljana is festively decorated and illuminated

The old city center of Ljubljana illuminated more than 50 kilometers of holiday lights in the late afternoon, and the city will be adorned with nine spruce trees in Advent time. The central spruce stands in Prešeren Square, donated by Bežigrajcan and is 18 meters high, weighs 4.5 tons and is decorated with about ten kilometers of light.

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    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, dear friend…i am glad you like it …. as far as Melanie is concerned, just stay there … nobody misses her in Slovenia too much … she has resented the people a little

  1. Its great to such a positive vibe that bring people together.
    I remember when I was a kid, the main cities in my country were extremely lit up with decorations much like in these pictures. But much has changed over the last 15 years.
    Nevertheless it’s the light inside of each other that matters the most.

    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, dear friend…it was the opposite for us … we were a communist country and we celebrated Christmas more secretly … but almost nothing was decorated … here and there some kind of light today are competing cities with each other which will be more beautifully decorated

  2. In my country, the mood is obvious – Christmas is approaching. Here in Tanzania, in the town I am and over 90% of the country; you wouldn’t know Christmas’s is around the corner. Things are always normal as usual☹️☹️

  3. the decoration here is more at the malls and public places. few neighbors already have decor. i just put a wreath on my door with all seasons decor on it because it will stay on my door all year. i might add some items in the window, such as nutcrackers, santa claus, candy cane, and sled for the winter festive months. i am not sure i will put up my xmas tree this year.

  4. The decoration in Ljubljana is magnificent!!! Our city is also decorated.
    But I think the money spent on it could be used for more serious projects for citizens… maybe in smaller cities where the financial situation is not so good. By the way I live in the capital, I see excessive decoration each year. My heart feels that people will be happier on Christmas when they know a hospital or a children’s house received the money.
    Anyway illumination is beautiful and helps to feel festive mood!

    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, dear Grace….it’s all connected to electrical cables … they are high and they can’t be seen at night … but in the daytime it’s nice to see how the stars are connected

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