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Why Don’t Giant Panda Bears don’t Hibernate?

Some questions are very simple to answer. You might be surprised at how simple. A giant panda has to eat 20 to 40 pounds...

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Go Away! | Super Simple Songs source I seen this on youtube and it was so funny. My great-niece was singing it with me. She has nightmares, I think a lot...

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Crazy about Pandas

It is my dream to go live in a retreat for pandas and help care for them. I am hoping to retire soon and...

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There are many languages spoken here and I am trying to learn and adjust.  In my neighborhood, one person greets with a husky "Salutations!"...

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Superbowl Party

My son told me today that we are having a SuperBowl party at my home tomorrow. It is sort of last minute and of...

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