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Analyzing Guislaine Maxwell's Arrest, July 3, 2020According to this RT video, the officials might treat her better than other criminals because she is considered a ‘British Socialite’...

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Seattle is Being Cleaned UP

Thursday, 7.2.20Seattle is cleaning up CHOP zone, taking out all the colorful graffiti. But protests continue in Seattle.

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Rita Wilson Promotion video analyzes Rita Wilson's whereabouts. The background displays her at the beach, smiling with unkempt and ungroomed hair. The reflection on her aviator...

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Guislaine Maxwell Arrested!

Thursday, 7.2.20The FBI has always known where she was hiding. They were taking their time in arresting her, as she was hiding out inside...

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7.2.20 New Normal Insights, July 2, 2020Peet’s Coffee is run by Starbucks. Will Smith is gay, Leonardo Dicaprio is gay, and many are gay because that is how...

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