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Insights 9.17.23, September 17, 2023 Exercising during middle age to get rid of bloating and lose weight. Fast overnight to lose weight. And, do lymphatic drainage...

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INSIGHTS 9.15.23, September 15, 2023Today is Toby’s birthday. He turned four. He doesn’t need anything. He has enough toys, mostly Gumby’s toys and cat trees,...

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Insights 9.12.23

Tuesday, September 12, 2023I went to the gym this morning for a gym class. I returned home, walked to the post office to mail...

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Insights 9.10.23, September 10, 2023It rained this morning today, which was actually soothing and relaxing rain. But the sun came out later and it was...

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INSIGHTS 8.29.23, August 29, 2023At 9:30AM, I drove to the gym for my morning workout. This morning, I only did a strengthening and stretching class...

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Insights 9.17.23

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