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Sunday, Nov. 1st is One Hour Back

Saturday, 10.31.20, midnight. Tonight has the 2nd full moon, or the blue moon, which explains why October is retrograde month--the cause of all the crazy...

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Paris Fashion Week 2020 fashion ideas, October 30, 2020This video displays some fashions during Paris Fashion Week 2020 for Spring/Summer 2021. As usual, I notice a nautical theme, which...

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Protests in Spain: Everyone is Fed Up with Cornyflu Plandemic Restrictions

Tuesday, 10.27.20Protests continue all over the world against this Cornyflu Plandemic restrictions. Everyone is fed up with the unwarranted and overly exaggerated restrictions for...

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SRA with Children

Monday, 10.26.20This is sad and sick. Many children are put through trauma-based abuse and MK-Ultra mind control to condition them for other jobs, such...

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More Bad Reviews for Emily in Paris

Monday, 10.26.20While on Youtube, I noticed more reviews about Emily in Paris. Both Youtubers hated the show. But, the first youtubers talks about the...

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