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Flooding in NB and Balboa Peninsula

Saturday, 7.4.20There was flooding onto the streets from the coast during this weekend at Newport Beach and the Balboa Peninsula. It started on Friday...

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SOHO NYC on 7.4.20, July 4, 2020, 7:19pmSide effects of a face mask? Poor rat in Soho, NYC. The face mask is animal abuse.Meanwhile, on July 4th,...

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7.4.20 New Normal Insights, July 4, 2020It is illegal to do fireworks in Irvine, California, unless it is at a public event.Sunday is a full moon night.Balboa...

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Ghislaine Maxwell was on Zoom Hearings, July 4, 2020Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, and she was on court hearing on Zoom, wearing an orange jumpsuit. There will be another Zoom...

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Analyzing Guislaine Maxwell's Arrest, July 3, 2020According to this RT video, the officials might treat her better than other criminals because she is considered a ‘British Socialite’...

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