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July 23rd is Aquarius Full Moon

Friday, July 23, 2021While on Facebook, I noticed a post about tonight’s full moon. (I have awakened long time ago, and I appear to...

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Insights 7.22.21

Thursday, 7.22.21As I blog about these two videos, I realize that the conversation is going all over the place, changing from one topic to...

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Tried Out a Vegan Cacao Smoothie

Thursday, 7.22.21After going to Trader Joes for my weekly groceries, I decided to make a cup of Oats Smoothie recipe that I got from...

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How Designers Got Started…

Thursday, 7.22.21These videos are interesting, explaining how designers got started. Most were poor, often struggling a lot, until they got their big break or...

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Understanding Hormonal Changes In Your Body as You Age

Wednesday, July 21, 2021Webinar on Hormones, hormonal changes, middle age issues, bloating, and estrogen. Cortisol, mood disorders, allergies, insomnia, etc. Hormones, fatigue, belly fat,...

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