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HubPages?? Sorry not for me.

Enthused by responses received on my post about writing sites that pay, I revived my account at HubPages and started reading FAQs and stuff that guides one about how to write a perfect post.  Reading alone took me well over a couple of hours.  And as I was going through the requirements there my enthusiasm dwindled and finally came to a zero. 

Added to it I picked a post written by a HubPager if that is the right word and that,  all the more helped me to  make up my mind.  HumPages are not for me  I have no patience to write those llengthy posts running into thousand and more words and then wait for a couple of years for earnings to start. 

Virily is my kind of site and I will stick around here as long as Virily exists and I know it will for years to come. 

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  1. I have been on HubPages for many years and have made many talented online friends who might have drifted from there but some stay on and some I have known for over 10 years. I used to try writing different topics on HubPages but in the early days, things did not work well and so I continue to post there but only poetry. I have not made a cent but my poetry does well just the same and I am featured on one of their other sites too. Now that they have so many other sites incorporated with them I might try writing some articles too. I do agree it is a difficult site if you are not interested in writing long articles.

  2. I write on Hubpages, yes. I agree, the earnings are slower there, but I like it there. I generally write about film and book reviews though, and they tend not to get so much hits. Some of them are doing quite well though.

    • It was your post I read there and found it to be so detailed that I thought such articles would be impossible for me to produce.

      Since you say you have different purposes what would that be at HubPages?

  3. They are called hubbers. I like writing lengthy articles. My patience has paid off because I earn more than a thousand views daily. It is worth it in the long term. Unlike Virily, you will always earn from your articles in the years to come.


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