The Value of a Particular Publishing Site – Conclusion

Although Hubpages has fallen from the days where it raked in 12M hits a month it still exists. Unlike Triond and Bukisa and all the other sites Google kicked into oblivion with it’s Panda, Hubpages remains.

This is not due to any ‘quality’writing. This is due to the use of Hubpages for storage.

Many writers will begin work on E-books on Hubpages. Some will publish a few chapters, just to get a reaction from the members, if any.

The point is, to be able to write from any computer anywhere at any time.

Unlike writing at home on your personal computer, by using Hubpages you have a free venue.

When one has completed writing, there is no need to delete the Chapters from Hubpages. They would be ‘non-featured’, meaning invisible. As there would be no silly pictures to cheapen the prose, this would, displease the A.I. Mod.

This particular crappy A.I. program has been running on Hubpages for years. No human eye touches the work a writer posts.

It is this storage feature why a poorly paying site as Hubpages is still in existence.

What do you think?

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