How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 38

It is worth repeating, Hubpages has no use but storage.

Once,  a prestigious site which paid and gained publicity, it spiraled into oblivion in 2010.   It didn’t have to, it could have been more proactive, but Hubpages is a site often used as an example of how NOT to operate a business.

Hubpages has a number of employees.  Whatever they do has nothing whatsoever to do with publishing articles.

A writer submits an article, it goes through the first stages of A.I. moderation, (none of these employees reads the work).   The article is posted.    Subsequently, another A.I  program scans it, and one receives an email, which claims there are ‘spammy elements’.   What does that mean?  Who knows.  And who cares.

The purpose of that ‘alert’ is to have your item non-featured.

The joy of having a non-featured item is that it has officially been published, but is only visible to you.

This means that you can write an item about Wildfires in Greece, post it on Hubpages today, tomorrow or the day after it will be non-featured and you can publish it elsewhere.  There will be no plagiarism alert, because no one can see it but you.

No matter what happens, your item is safely stored on Hubpages. The day it was published is admitted.

As soon as the other site doesn’t pay you, get over to Hubpages and do whatever to get it published, then alert the other site it is plagiarised.  In this way, your work will be taken down on the other side.

You can always get work non-featured on Hubpages so can have a hundred items just waiting for the next site.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar