How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 36

When   a site doesn’t want to pay, it might let you post the item, but by  some ‘glitch’ you can’t save it.

A   site might claim your item isn’t long enough, your title isn’t long  enough, and you may add more sentences, yet, it is still not long  enough.

Some    sites demand images but will not let you post them, no matter how  large they are or how available to the public.

Whatever  the ‘issue’  is, be assured, the site is DELIBERATELY  preventing you from  reaching payout.

When   you have a copy of the post on your computer,  you don’t lose it. For trust me, eating your articles and claiming not to have them is  standard for most sites.

This  is where the site ‘Hubpages’  proves its use as a storage facility.

As  previously mentioned, Hubpages doesn’t pay.  One of their tricks is to let you publish, then have the item  ‘non-featured’.

This means it is published,  but only you can see it.

Join  Hubpages under a different name with a different email address.   Post your item there first.  As Hubpages is the King of nonpaying sites, they will  ‘non feature’  your article.

Once it is non-featured, meaning  invisible to the public, you join another site and publish  the same article there under a different name with a different email address.

So, Oliver Queen publishes an item on Hubpages on the 1st.  It is up until the 3rd when it is ‘nonfeatured’.  On the 4th Barry Allen publishes the item about Superheroes on NewSite.

NewSite is a scam.

Oliver Queen gets the item up on Hubpages, alerts Hubpages that Barry Allen has plagiarised his work, alerts Newsite, and the item is removed from Newsite.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen  are the nicks of one person.     One person who doesn’t want his/her work stolen by writing sites.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar